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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Well hello there ...

Here i am .. doing nothing because my life is boringgggg. Hahahah.

So let's start merapu.

Since tukar suasana kerja from fun, hectic, only have one day off every week to boring, slow and have 2 days off every week, so kita pun ade la memacam bnde utk difikirkan ..

Like seriously, before tak pernah rasa mcm "ape la yg aku buat ni. What is wrong with me and bla bla." Now i rasa mcm tu. And i realize, kerja office mmg btul2 tak kena dgn jiwa i yg tengah memberontak nie. Hahahahah.

It is fun before where i have my work shifts everyday, do different things everyday, i move a lot. Yeah. A lot sampai i got a muscle, lost my weight, no need to worry if i eat supper because i will not gain any weight. Hàving fun yelling at my colleagus, my bosses, got angry with management not fullfilled what i wanted, cover up my bosses infront their bosses.

Have a mood swing because of customer, because of my bosses, because some issues rised up to the management that leads to me, the one who will suffer and stuck with paperwork. Yet i can smile everyday, rasa semangat and still happy utk bekerja because all those faces yg akan i jumpa, yang akan buat my moods berubah2 dlm masa sehari.

Because working there always remind me of how tough your life is, dont forget to smile. Somebody is with you. Yes. Bila dpt lousy, cerewet customer, there is my boss. Solved it for me and bg kata2 semangat, try to make a jokes so that i have a reason to smile again. Or if my bosses angry at me, there is the customer who made my day bright so i wil not think about my problems to much.

Well life must go on .. so here i go .. moving forward ...

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